Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flea Market Gardening Magazine For All the Gardening Lovers

This particular blog post today is related to all things gardening and is especially designed for the garden lovers out there.  It will occur from time to time when my amazing mother Lynn has the opportunity to provide us with her Master Gardening skills and clever ideas in between her busy schedule of gardening, selling her own plant designs and teaching others how to create their own beautiful backyard and potted plant creations. 

Photo Credit Flower Garden Girl

Blog all about flea market gardening!

Today she sent me this spectacular article about a new magazine due out soon called Flea Market Gardening Magazine.  This in turn led me to a fabulous blog called fleamarketgardening.com.  This blog is just one of many these two women run and this blog is all about "gardening with rustic flea market style" and soon you will have a chance to get your own Flea Market Gardening Magazine and win your own free copy on their website.  These ladies write about FUN!! and flea market style in the garden.  They describe this as the art of accenting and decorating outdoor areas with found objects where the real excitement is the search for the treasures.
Photo Credit Flea Market Gardening