Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Design Going Green

Home Design - Going Green with the latest eco-friendly products.  Consumers more and more these days are starting to wonder how they can leave a more positive impact on the earth by starting with their home design and using more eco-friendly products.  Well here are some cool new and fresh ideas and products to aid in your search for green home design.

Let's start with the Caroma Eco-Friendly Water Saving Toilet with integrated sink.  If it's the environment that your thinking about then this is the ultimate space saver for your bathroom.  It has dual flush high efficiency - full flush/half flush.  This unique designed toilet with awards for innovative design and engineering from Popular Mechanis also comes with an integrated hand basin, which is so cool because after flushing the fresh, cold water is redirected to the faucet, then back into the tank for the next flush.

Next up let's take a look at the companies producing eco-friendly and green textiles.  One company that stood out for me in my research was Brentano.  It was founded in 1990 by Iris Wang and her husband E-Kwan Chen.  It has now become an in international presence in the textile community.  Their growing collection of eco-fabrics shows how they can meld environmental consciousness with their beautiful fabrics.  Brentano's variety of eco-fabrics are bamboo, eco-wool, recycled, eco-friendly faux leather and organic cotton. 

Photo Credit Brentano Fabrics
Harwoods specialty products and the environment.  We are trying to minimize our impact by making the environment an ongoing component of our house design decisions.  When researching for environmentally friendly wood subsitutes and the reliability of the sustainability of the forest products industry, look no further.  Kirei Board is one fine example of modern design, naturally.  It is a very strong, lightweight and durable subsitute for wood that is eco-friendly.  It is made from reclaimed sorghum straw with no added formaldehyde adhesive.

Photo Credit Kirei

Low Impact House Design Materials.  I want to focus on your kitchen home design for this particular section by making your space more efficient, livable and more earth-friendly.  Standard materials consume resources and contain tons of toxic chemicals.  Here's one idea of a product to promote a low impact kitchen design.
     Countertops: Terrazzo consists of recycled glass and crushed stone that's held together by cement or epoxy.  It is so beautiful with a smooth finish.  Enviroglas is one such company taking terrazzo back to its roots.  "Those glass bottles you're throwing away can be recycled...into beautiful...economical...sustainable...floors, countertops & decorative surfaces!" - Enviroglas

Photo Credit Klondike Contracting
Sustainable Furniture.

Photo Credit Vivavi

1. Hive Bench/Table by designer Arktura and can be used as a bench or table and has a unique generated pattern and is made with high recycled content steel construction, Zero VOC powder coat finish, and wind & solar powered production facility. 

2.  Light Block by Brave Space.  This pendant produces outstanding results by casting shadows in organic patterns and shapes with a wooden texture.  The walnut panels are from Ecoresin and has energy-efficient components.

Photo Credit Vivavi
3. Habita Collection by is a sophisticated furniture collection based on city living & specifically for those who are urban dwellers and a liking towards subtle, clean details and lines.  Cisco Pinedo is a leading designer of upholstered furniture and unique casegoods.  They created Inside Green which is their unique method of furniture construction that is 100% sustainable.

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