Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Home Projects - Done In a Day

You can give everyday items an amazing modern makeover from your local crafts store.  You don't need a big budget to do it in either.  And you can create a beautiful space with secondhand finds.  Instead of going out and buying all new things you can find budget and environmentally friendly decorating items with just a little bit of searching.  Craigslist is a great find for good finds that can make a room. 

One example are saving money on curtains where you can reduce bulk and cut purchased panels in half and hem the raw edges and hang as four seperate panels.  Another great idea and the newest trend I've seen is to make a skirt underneath an unsightly sink base by stitching a skirt from a stain-resistant fabric to hide it.  There are so many ideas that you can do at home and save a ton of money...more ideas to come for DIY home projects. 

Skirt Underneath Cabinets

Paint Trim Around Door

Stencil Art On Pillow

Fabric Additions

Monday, August 15, 2011

4 Teen Inexpensive Dream Decorating Ideas

How to make your teenager happy?  Well that would be the question of the century...probably nothing but to possibly keep the peace and see a small smile cross their cherubic faces you could offer to update their childish bedroom to one that suits their ever changing attitudes and personalities. 
Teenagers love bright colors with playful details that reflect the way their constantly changing and evoloving brains and of course what is popular and cool.  So be that "cool" parent at least for a few seconds that it will last and bask in the glory....

Here are 4 tips that will help you along the way without too many fights on decor decisions:
1.  Paint: This is the most inexpensive way to dramatically change your teenager's room.  Let them choose the color but one at least a few shades lighter than the actual color sample.  Paint will give the room a fresh, contemporary feeling.  Stripes are also a cool way to express personality.
2.  Incorporate Funky Accessories:  Try cute pillows or masculine patterns if a boy, jewelry displays, decorative lamps, unique art pieces & crazy rugs. 
3.  Closet Organizers:  Instead of your teenager throwing items around the room and turning their newly decorated room into a tornado or hurricane just traveled through it, incorporate closet organizers that will optimize space and organization.
4.  Wallcoverings:  Wall decals for teenagers are the hip and inexpensive way to add pizazz to any room.  I love these as they are a matte vinyl, they don't leave permanent residue, and don't damage the surface.  They also give white walls the color they need.  They look like they've been painted right on the wall.  Simple to apply, clean and easily removable. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabulous Vintage Lunch Boxes for The Hip Kid

Want your kids to be the hipsters that they are. Well we can create are fashionistas by sending them off in a funky lunchbox that will show off their sense of style to all of their friends.

How To Give Your Bathroom Vanity A Fresh Look With Wallpaper

You can create an amazing makeover within a few days that will make you look like a professional designer. And yes by using wallpaper! Believe or not it's back in and coming back with a vengeance. Let's focus today on your bathroom vanity. Choose a bold patterned design for the wallpaper, one that you wouldn't necessarily want all over the entire bathroom. This project will literally take a half a day at most.

Fix the bumps and bubbles and smooth out imperfections and your ready to go with a beautiful new bathroom and you can do it yourself. Add some fabulous new pulls for the drawers to spice it up. I prefer Anthropologie or some other funky decor store to find something bold and original.

Design Trends: Pillow Art

There has been a new trend in the recent summer months. Using paint to decorate items within your home. It's popping up everywhere from wallpaper to Murals. Pillows are the newest trend though and the simplest designs such as finger painting. Wow and the artistic aspects are unbelievable.