Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flea Market Gardening Magazine For All the Gardening Lovers

This particular blog post today is related to all things gardening and is especially designed for the garden lovers out there.  It will occur from time to time when my amazing mother Lynn has the opportunity to provide us with her Master Gardening skills and clever ideas in between her busy schedule of gardening, selling her own plant designs and teaching others how to create their own beautiful backyard and potted plant creations. 

Photo Credit Flower Garden Girl

Blog all about flea market gardening!

Today she sent me this spectacular article about a new magazine due out soon called Flea Market Gardening Magazine.  This in turn led me to a fabulous blog called fleamarketgardening.com.  This blog is just one of many these two women run and this blog is all about "gardening with rustic flea market style" and soon you will have a chance to get your own Flea Market Gardening Magazine and win your own free copy on their website.  These ladies write about FUN!! and flea market style in the garden.  They describe this as the art of accenting and decorating outdoor areas with found objects where the real excitement is the search for the treasures.
Photo Credit Flea Market Gardening

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bedroom DIY Projects

You can makeover your bedroom in a weekend with a few simple ideas you can transform your bedroom into a haven and outfit your digs in style.  Get the dream bedroom you've always wanted.  Spice up the bedroom with this great do-it-yourself guide.  And if you love the designer look but not the designer budget then you can get the look by re-creating your bedroom for a fraction of the price. 

I found a great article by Brian Patrick FlynnDemon Decor.  One way is to create a modern bedroom update by adding a drapery focal wall behind your bed for a new headboard.  Adding floor-to-ceiling draperies will add height with style and drama which will add a modern look to any bedroom.

Here are your materials you will need:
  • ceiling mount drapery tract
  • tape measure
  • floor-to-ceiling drapery panels
  • drapery hooks
  • drill
  • track sliders
  • drywall screws
  • fabric steamer
  • marker
  • pencil & notepad
  • hacksaw
  • ladder
Directions: Use tape measure to determine the length of the wall behind your bed and take down the dimensions in your notepad.  Then mark your drapery track to size with the marker and then cut using the hacksaw.  Make sure you have a perfect fit and cut track 1/4 inch shorter than your measurement.  Then hold track up and insert track sliders into grooves.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior Design That Adds Pop to Your Party

Photo Credit Ferm Li
You can add many items to add that interior design special pop to your summer party.  You can throw in a hint of color or a crazy shape and even a combination of the two that can provide a spectacular addition to your indoor or outdoor party. 

Slick Table Setting by designer Billy Cotton who is driven by a passion and love for design and of everything elegant.  Billy trained at Pratt Institute and formed Custom Resource in 2004.  And then more recently Billy Cotton joined forces with interior designer Michael Bargo to form MOSTE Furnishings.  Billy Cotton's latest creation is his enamel-dipped handles included in his dinnerware line. 

Photo Credit Billy Cotton
 Now let's all take a seat with Richard Schultz's brand new exciting modular design, the Fresh Air Collection.  The chairs are made from powder-coated sheet aluminum that is somewhat reminiscent  of the Windsor Chair but in weatherproof form.
Photo Credit Richard Schultz
Stakit by designers Peter & Thomas for Normann-Copenhagen comes in white and in Danish Stakit means "fence".  They designed it based on upon a picture of a Danish cottage garden with a picket fence.  But instead of the purpose of a fence which is to divide the Stakit is meant to bring everyone together.  Stakit is a new form of outdoor furniture that is meant to create the sense of wanting to be invited to an outdoor party in the park or a summer pool party.

Photo Credit Normann-Copenhagen
Tower of Rings brought to you by the awesome Danish company Ferm Living.  This decorative set comes with 6 different color choices and its own space saving storage tower.  They are chunky, plastic and fantastic.  It will add that extra special touch to your dinner table that will wow your guests.  These napkin rings are made of maple wood and look just as good when your not even using them.
Photo Credit Ferm Living

Monday, May 23, 2011

Secret of the Best Burger from Food & Wine Magazine

So I've decided for each day of the week I'm going to create a different topic so all of my readers know what interests them most and when they can come back for that specific topic.  Mondays will be recipes day.  I know what you may be thinking but Christina, this is an interior design blog, but I am also a big foodie and watch and keep up with everything related to food, wine and the trends related to this topic. 

Today I was reading an article in Food & Wine magazine that gives the secret of the best burger which right now with summer starting seems to be an appropriate topic.  The article that was written by Daniel Gritzer from Food & Wine caught my eye because the claim for the most super juicy burger is that a griddle beats a grill hands down.  WHAT?  Now that blew me away as I always thought the complete opposite, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

Your supposed to be able to get a more even sear and the fat will baste instead of dripping through your grill grate...hmmmm....sure makes sense doesn't it?  Adam Fleisheman shares his burger recipes for this article just to prove the amazing difference between grill & griddle debate.  He suggests for the best results put the griddle on top of the grill.  Here is a burger recipes provided by Adam that will knock your socks off:

1.  Umami Burgers with Port and Stilton-takes 40 minutes and makes 4 burgers:
      1 cup ruby port
      2 pounds mixed ground beef brisket, skirt steak and sirloin steak (20% fat)
      Salt & freshly ground pepper
      1/2 cup Stilton cheese (3 onces), softened Umami dust, for sprinkling (optional)
      4 Brioche hamburger buns, buttered & toasted
To make the Umami dust, set a spice grinder to pulse, 3 tablespoons bonito flakes, 1/2 ounce crumbled dried klombu and 1/2 ounce dried shiitake nushrooms into a powder. 

 1. In a small saucepan cook the port over moderate heat until reduced to 2 tablespoons about 15 minutes. 
 2.  Heat a cast-iron griddle until very hot.  Form the meat into 4 X 1 inch patties without packing too tightly.  Season generously with salt and pepper.  Add the patties to the griddle, cover with a roasting pan and cook over moderately high heat for 4 minutes, until very crusty.  Flip the patties and cook, uncovered for 1 minute, top with the Stilton cheese and cook uncovered for 1 minute.  Transfer the patties to a plate and sprinkle with the umami dust, let rest for 2 minutes and set on the buns.  Drizzle with the reduced port, top with the buns and serve. 

Photo Credit Marcus Nilsson

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Design Going Green

Home Design - Going Green with the latest eco-friendly products.  Consumers more and more these days are starting to wonder how they can leave a more positive impact on the earth by starting with their home design and using more eco-friendly products.  Well here are some cool new and fresh ideas and products to aid in your search for green home design.

Let's start with the Caroma Eco-Friendly Water Saving Toilet with integrated sink.  If it's the environment that your thinking about then this is the ultimate space saver for your bathroom.  It has dual flush high efficiency - full flush/half flush.  This unique designed toilet with awards for innovative design and engineering from Popular Mechanis also comes with an integrated hand basin, which is so cool because after flushing the fresh, cold water is redirected to the faucet, then back into the tank for the next flush.

Next up let's take a look at the companies producing eco-friendly and green textiles.  One company that stood out for me in my research was Brentano.  It was founded in 1990 by Iris Wang and her husband E-Kwan Chen.  It has now become an in international presence in the textile community.  Their growing collection of eco-fabrics shows how they can meld environmental consciousness with their beautiful fabrics.  Brentano's variety of eco-fabrics are bamboo, eco-wool, recycled, eco-friendly faux leather and organic cotton. 

Photo Credit Brentano Fabrics
Harwoods specialty products and the environment.  We are trying to minimize our impact by making the environment an ongoing component of our house design decisions.  When researching for environmentally friendly wood subsitutes and the reliability of the sustainability of the forest products industry, look no further.  Kirei Board is one fine example of modern design, naturally.  It is a very strong, lightweight and durable subsitute for wood that is eco-friendly.  It is made from reclaimed sorghum straw with no added formaldehyde adhesive.

Photo Credit Kirei

Low Impact House Design Materials.  I want to focus on your kitchen home design for this particular section by making your space more efficient, livable and more earth-friendly.  Standard materials consume resources and contain tons of toxic chemicals.  Here's one idea of a product to promote a low impact kitchen design.
     Countertops: Terrazzo consists of recycled glass and crushed stone that's held together by cement or epoxy.  It is so beautiful with a smooth finish.  Enviroglas is one such company taking terrazzo back to its roots.  "Those glass bottles you're throwing away can be recycled...into beautiful...economical...sustainable...floors, countertops & decorative surfaces!" - Enviroglas

Photo Credit Klondike Contracting
Sustainable Furniture.

Photo Credit Vivavi

1. Hive Bench/Table by designer Arktura and can be used as a bench or table and has a unique generated pattern and is made with high recycled content steel construction, Zero VOC powder coat finish, and wind & solar powered production facility. 

2.  Light Block by Brave Space.  This pendant produces outstanding results by casting shadows in organic patterns and shapes with a wooden texture.  The walnut panels are from Ecoresin and has energy-efficient components.

Photo Credit Vivavi
3. Habita Collection by Ciscobrothers.com is a sophisticated furniture collection based on city living & specifically for those who are urban dwellers and a liking towards subtle, clean details and lines.  Cisco Pinedo is a leading designer of upholstered furniture and unique casegoods.  They created Inside Green which is their unique method of furniture construction that is 100% sustainable.

Photo Credit Ciscobrothers.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orlando Guide!

Today’s city guide comes to in the perfect time of the season for travel here.  We are celebrating Orlando, Florida today and taking you on a tour of fantastic, must-visit design shops.  Everyone always associates Orlando with Disney World so I can't wait for others to appreciate my local guide to Orlando minus the tourist stops that drive me crazy.  And if your headed to Florida anytime soon take this guide with you and have fun!

I'm so excited to share with you my inside knowledge of Orlando's hidden design treasures as I've lived there for over 7 years now and I am born and raised a true Floridian!  I hope you enjoy and discover a whole new side of Orlando and what it has to offer.  Enjoy!

Our first destination for the coolest, trendiest design stores in Orlando is Ivanhoe Village/Antique Row:
1. Qui Studios - Owners Jacob & Jacquelyn Harmeling founded in 2007 specialize in created one of a kind hand carved wood furniture salvaged from the St. Johns River. 
Photo Credit Qui Studios

2. 1618 - Of course I must give a shout out to my favorite store by far in Orlando where I have personally bought and sold my furniture here and found some amazing deals.  Everything from retro, vintage, and mid-century furniture.  You are absolutely guaranteed to find amazing deals that will wow your friends & family. 
Photo Credit 1618
3. Lightstyle - Purchased in 2000 by lighting expert Tom Rensenhouse with a 15,000 sft. renovated showroom with top notch service and the newest styles in lighting and accessories. 
Photo Credit Lightingstyle

4. Apenberry’s - High-end garden shop, with everything from the latest lawn furniture to the perfect stone bench and neat things to accessorize your outdoor space. 
Photo Credit Apenberry's

Interior Design Book Review-Secrets To Home Decorating Success

Recently I picked up an inexpensive e-book just for a quick laugh because as most of us know most of these design e-book writers have no idea what their talking about.  That's why I was pleasantly surprised by this particular e-book about how to bring out your inner design talent for those who know they have it but may not be confident enough to give it a go. 

This interior design book will give you some designer inside secrets for use in your own home to create amazing interiors that will look like a designer did it for you.  I do like how it gives you practical ideas and tips instead of projects that are too complicated.  Check out what Janice has to say because she does know her stuff as she's been an interior designer for over 20 years. 

Secrets To Home Decorating Success

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top 4 Hot Hot Hot Interior Accessories

Don't you love how spoiled we all are?  We can sit behind a computer screen without visiting or spending a single dime on hiring those ever expensive interior designers to find out the latest trends for 2011 and beyond.  Not that I don't think you should hire a designer if your bank account can take the strain but I'm assuming like me and others out there we are strapped for cash-ola--spelling?? 

Anyhow let's get on with the topic of today which is drumroll please......my pick for the TOP 4 HOTTEST OF HOT INTERIOR ACCESSORIES, at least for the second which is usually how long they last.  But it's fun anyway to see how we can accessorize our spaces for the moment and change our whole outlook on life.

1. Wall Mural Decals.  Wall decals have been selling like gangbusters lately speaking to a popular trend and are a top designers' choice for custom wall decor and wall murals in any home or office.  I found a spectacular company called Murals Your Way with over 40 years of experience and have been featured on HGTV, Martha Stewart Living, DIY Network, Extreme Makeover and more. 
Photo credit Murals Your Way

2. Lighting Trends.  Pendants, three light chandeliers, and also a continued choice for energy-efficient products are the signs of the time. 

Photo Credit Kichler Lighting

Photo Credit OnTrackLighting

3. Color & Palette Influences.  Everything is coming from the Far East as far as the trends are forecasting as a colorful past.  Influences from India, Morocco, Central Asia, China and Russia with pop-infused pop symbols.  These beautiful examples of pillows from Antonio Aguilar who's visionary style brings life into textiles for today.

Photo credit Antonio Aguilar

4. Latest Interior Design Technology Trends.  Innovations in materials are often associated with giant leaps in design fields.  Take a look at this new material: scanned custom cut into curved hardwood floors.  "A device scans each board that passes through the machine, evaluates its natural curves and structural properties, then slices it into perfectly-fitting but uniquely-shaped floorboards." -Dornob.com
Photo Credit Dornob.com

Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Interior Design Trends For Summer 2011

Let's bring a whole new attitude adjustment in our desire for updating our home interiors for Summer 2011.  We live in Florida so the blazing sun as hot as it is, brings a joy & light to my heart that makes my soul sing.  We as a family entertain more and just generally feel as if life moves at a much slower pace. 

Trends do change but our style doesn't have to.  All of us in our own right have a certain idea about what design we tend to be inclined towards.  Are you into bright, colorful design elements or more subtle, neutral colors that subdue and relax?  Well guess what both are right and whatever suits you and what makes you feel good inside is what works.  Let's take a look at a couple of different trends emerging for the upcoming summer....there are huge ranges of trend forecasting that go from nostalgic trends taking us back in time by traveling to exotic places. 

For fabrics this summer it seems there is a wonderful blend of certified organic cotton, linen & bamboo for those seeking to use environmentally conscious materials in their homes.  Also solid earth tones are popular, as are pewter, platinum and golds. 

Lisa Perry's the fashion designer icon's New Haven Beach House is a prime example of some fabulous trends for the summer.  Her fashion has a bold signature & so does her beach house.  Lisa worked with interior designers Tony Ingaro & Alexia Kondylis and Veranda captured the drama in their colorful photos.

Photo Credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

Photo Credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

 This is one of those homes that people will either love or hate.  The style is crazy, bold, full of contrast and has its fair share of nuttiness.  There are white walls, black trim, lucite, jade green and Chinese red.  You can imagine yourself in the above photo eating eggs benedict washed down with mimosas and then just walk yourself right into this luscious pool and take a dip. 

Photo credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

This is an amazing display of a child's room with lush green carpet as if they are frolicking in the grass and gorgeous white four poster beds and the stuffed black & white tiger just sets it off!  Magnificent.