Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top 4 Hot Hot Hot Interior Accessories

Don't you love how spoiled we all are?  We can sit behind a computer screen without visiting or spending a single dime on hiring those ever expensive interior designers to find out the latest trends for 2011 and beyond.  Not that I don't think you should hire a designer if your bank account can take the strain but I'm assuming like me and others out there we are strapped for cash-ola--spelling?? 

Anyhow let's get on with the topic of today which is drumroll pick for the TOP 4 HOTTEST OF HOT INTERIOR ACCESSORIES, at least for the second which is usually how long they last.  But it's fun anyway to see how we can accessorize our spaces for the moment and change our whole outlook on life.

1. Wall Mural Decals.  Wall decals have been selling like gangbusters lately speaking to a popular trend and are a top designers' choice for custom wall decor and wall murals in any home or office.  I found a spectacular company called Murals Your Way with over 40 years of experience and have been featured on HGTV, Martha Stewart Living, DIY Network, Extreme Makeover and more. 
Photo credit Murals Your Way

2. Lighting Trends.  Pendants, three light chandeliers, and also a continued choice for energy-efficient products are the signs of the time. 

Photo Credit Kichler Lighting

Photo Credit OnTrackLighting

3. Color & Palette Influences.  Everything is coming from the Far East as far as the trends are forecasting as a colorful past.  Influences from India, Morocco, Central Asia, China and Russia with pop-infused pop symbols.  These beautiful examples of pillows from Antonio Aguilar who's visionary style brings life into textiles for today.

Photo credit Antonio Aguilar

4. Latest Interior Design Technology Trends.  Innovations in materials are often associated with giant leaps in design fields.  Take a look at this new material: scanned custom cut into curved hardwood floors.  "A device scans each board that passes through the machine, evaluates its natural curves and structural properties, then slices it into perfectly-fitting but uniquely-shaped floorboards."
Photo Credit