Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bedroom DIY Projects

You can makeover your bedroom in a weekend with a few simple ideas you can transform your bedroom into a haven and outfit your digs in style.  Get the dream bedroom you've always wanted.  Spice up the bedroom with this great do-it-yourself guide.  And if you love the designer look but not the designer budget then you can get the look by re-creating your bedroom for a fraction of the price. 

I found a great article by Brian Patrick FlynnDemon Decor.  One way is to create a modern bedroom update by adding a drapery focal wall behind your bed for a new headboard.  Adding floor-to-ceiling draperies will add height with style and drama which will add a modern look to any bedroom.

Here are your materials you will need:
  • ceiling mount drapery tract
  • tape measure
  • floor-to-ceiling drapery panels
  • drapery hooks
  • drill
  • track sliders
  • drywall screws
  • fabric steamer
  • marker
  • pencil & notepad
  • hacksaw
  • ladder
Directions: Use tape measure to determine the length of the wall behind your bed and take down the dimensions in your notepad.  Then mark your drapery track to size with the marker and then cut using the hacksaw.  Make sure you have a perfect fit and cut track 1/4 inch shorter than your measurement.  Then hold track up and insert track sliders into grooves.