Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Interior Design Trends For Summer 2011

Let's bring a whole new attitude adjustment in our desire for updating our home interiors for Summer 2011.  We live in Florida so the blazing sun as hot as it is, brings a joy & light to my heart that makes my soul sing.  We as a family entertain more and just generally feel as if life moves at a much slower pace. 

Trends do change but our style doesn't have to.  All of us in our own right have a certain idea about what design we tend to be inclined towards.  Are you into bright, colorful design elements or more subtle, neutral colors that subdue and relax?  Well guess what both are right and whatever suits you and what makes you feel good inside is what works.  Let's take a look at a couple of different trends emerging for the upcoming summer....there are huge ranges of trend forecasting that go from nostalgic trends taking us back in time by traveling to exotic places. 

For fabrics this summer it seems there is a wonderful blend of certified organic cotton, linen & bamboo for those seeking to use environmentally conscious materials in their homes.  Also solid earth tones are popular, as are pewter, platinum and golds. 

Lisa Perry's the fashion designer icon's New Haven Beach House is a prime example of some fabulous trends for the summer.  Her fashion has a bold signature & so does her beach house.  Lisa worked with interior designers Tony Ingaro & Alexia Kondylis and Veranda captured the drama in their colorful photos.

Photo Credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

Photo Credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

 This is one of those homes that people will either love or hate.  The style is crazy, bold, full of contrast and has its fair share of nuttiness.  There are white walls, black trim, lucite, jade green and Chinese red.  You can imagine yourself in the above photo eating eggs benedict washed down with mimosas and then just walk yourself right into this luscious pool and take a dip. 

Photo credit Veranda Magazine & Martin Sobey

This is an amazing display of a child's room with lush green carpet as if they are frolicking in the grass and gorgeous white four poster beds and the stuffed black & white tiger just sets it off!  Magnificent.