Friday, June 3, 2011

Interior Design Product News & Reviews

Jason Phillips a designer born in New York in a family of furniture manufacturers is now the vice president and creative director of the The Phillips Collection.  Jason has gained international fame for his fresh, contemporary furniture designs.  One of his latest works is called the Al Dente Dining Chair that was inspired by an uncooked spaghetti noodle.
Al Dente Chair
 BD Barcelona furniture line is offered by BlueTrain LLC in the United States and is a Spanish company founded in 1972.  If offers high-quality products from the top designers of all time like this incandescent strip lamp called Olvidada ceiling lamp designed by Pepe Cortes.  It was forgotten until 1984 when BD discovered it and was put into production.

Photo Credit BD Barcelona - Olvidada Ceiling Lamp
 Nanimarquina a company begun in 1987 and has been designing rugs and other textiles.  The leading rug manufacturing firm's rugs play with colors so vibrant it will knock your socks off.  The Lasonges is a rug known for its own originality.  A study of simplicity and elegance.  It interprets a version of the traditional Persian rug by using an ancient Kilim technique.  This rug is designed by Ronan & Erwan Bourgullec for the 2011 season and contains 13 colors in a geometrical rhombus shape.
Lasonges Rug Photo Credit Nanimarquina