Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY Home Projects - Done In a Day

You can give everyday items an amazing modern makeover from your local crafts store.  You don't need a big budget to do it in either.  And you can create a beautiful space with secondhand finds.  Instead of going out and buying all new things you can find budget and environmentally friendly decorating items with just a little bit of searching.  Craigslist is a great find for good finds that can make a room. 

One example are saving money on curtains where you can reduce bulk and cut purchased panels in half and hem the raw edges and hang as four seperate panels.  Another great idea and the newest trend I've seen is to make a skirt underneath an unsightly sink base by stitching a skirt from a stain-resistant fabric to hide it.  There are so many ideas that you can do at home and save a ton of money...more ideas to come for DIY home projects. 

Skirt Underneath Cabinets

Paint Trim Around Door

Stencil Art On Pillow

Fabric Additions

Monday, August 15, 2011

4 Teen Inexpensive Dream Decorating Ideas

How to make your teenager happy?  Well that would be the question of the century...probably nothing but to possibly keep the peace and see a small smile cross their cherubic faces you could offer to update their childish bedroom to one that suits their ever changing attitudes and personalities. 
Teenagers love bright colors with playful details that reflect the way their constantly changing and evoloving brains and of course what is popular and cool.  So be that "cool" parent at least for a few seconds that it will last and bask in the glory....

Here are 4 tips that will help you along the way without too many fights on decor decisions:
1.  Paint: This is the most inexpensive way to dramatically change your teenager's room.  Let them choose the color but one at least a few shades lighter than the actual color sample.  Paint will give the room a fresh, contemporary feeling.  Stripes are also a cool way to express personality.
2.  Incorporate Funky Accessories:  Try cute pillows or masculine patterns if a boy, jewelry displays, decorative lamps, unique art pieces & crazy rugs. 
3.  Closet Organizers:  Instead of your teenager throwing items around the room and turning their newly decorated room into a tornado or hurricane just traveled through it, incorporate closet organizers that will optimize space and organization.
4.  Wallcoverings:  Wall decals for teenagers are the hip and inexpensive way to add pizazz to any room.  I love these as they are a matte vinyl, they don't leave permanent residue, and don't damage the surface.  They also give white walls the color they need.  They look like they've been painted right on the wall.  Simple to apply, clean and easily removable. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fabulous Vintage Lunch Boxes for The Hip Kid

Want your kids to be the hipsters that they are. Well we can create are fashionistas by sending them off in a funky lunchbox that will show off their sense of style to all of their friends.

How To Give Your Bathroom Vanity A Fresh Look With Wallpaper

You can create an amazing makeover within a few days that will make you look like a professional designer. And yes by using wallpaper! Believe or not it's back in and coming back with a vengeance. Let's focus today on your bathroom vanity. Choose a bold patterned design for the wallpaper, one that you wouldn't necessarily want all over the entire bathroom. This project will literally take a half a day at most.

Fix the bumps and bubbles and smooth out imperfections and your ready to go with a beautiful new bathroom and you can do it yourself. Add some fabulous new pulls for the drawers to spice it up. I prefer Anthropologie or some other funky decor store to find something bold and original.

Design Trends: Pillow Art

There has been a new trend in the recent summer months. Using paint to decorate items within your home. It's popping up everywhere from wallpaper to Murals. Pillows are the newest trend though and the simplest designs such as finger painting. Wow and the artistic aspects are unbelievable.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

15 Stylish Ideas Under $50

Make your home sparkle with inexpensive and affordable tips from the experts.

Interviews with 5 designers and bloggers for their best budget decorating ideas.  With ther insider tips,    ideas, and product choices that will make your house look like an expensive interior designer put their personal touch on it. 

     1.  Table lamps can add a splash of color like this ceramic orange table lamp that adds a pop of modern to any interior.  Buy at budget price: $ 28.81 from

2.  Add new door knobs for an elegant look.  Ceramic blooms look petal-perfect on aged wooden doors.  $8.00.  From Anthropologie

 3.  Add a round mirror with rattan accents for an element of surprise.  $19.95 from Crate & Barrel.


4.  Instead of using typical style coffee tables create a unique setting with a twist by using two side tables with a birch effect by IKEA.                        

5.  Vases & planters are an easy way to balance out a mantle or shelf and create diversity in your design scheme.  The vases pictured here ad a bit of glam and brilliant color.  With a variety of shapes & colors of sea and sky.  $4.99 from West Elm.

6.  I love this Tribal Jute Rug with its eclectic pattern & texture.  $39.00 from West Elm.

7.  Check the bath accessory section to dress up any bathroom - such as these collapsible basket and cover.  It's shaped like a picnic basket and so versatile.  They come in all colors & designs.  $11.00-$40.00 from Garnet Hill.
8.  Add some beautiful vintage mid-century modern furniture or accessories to your home home decor and spice up any room.  Check out this cool store on eBay called U TURN which has vintage wallpaper where prices range from $19.00-$90.00 with tons of pattern choices from the 40's-70's and beyond.  From U TURN.

9.  Three Potato Four.  $25.00.  3-P4 8 oz. Milk Bottle Carafe 3-Pack.  Add some funk with these accessories. 

10.  White Elephant Vintage.  The pillows shown here have the most gorgeous "feathers" illustration.  $38.00
11.  Blue Bell Bazaar.  Take from an Ohio factory and turned into modern day light. 

12.  Spruce Home.  Monet Pillow - $50.00 - Featuresan abstract floral print.

13.  Vintage Supply Company.  Vintage set of 2 Shafford Black Cat Planters $30.00.  Great pop of color to any area of the home. 

14.  This Is Not IKEA.  Black Wall Sconces is a clever little perch for any accessory.  If you paint it a bright color it will create an attention grabber.  And whatever you want to display will stand out.  45.00

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorelle Interior Design's Summer Book Reading List

Take This Book Reading List On Your Summer Vacation:
Let's take a look at this summer's book reading list for 2011.  I personally look forward to the hot lazy afternoons, sitting poolside or lounging by the beach with my toes tucked in the sand.  Here's an overview of the most colorful books to sink your teeth into.  Soak it up just like the rays.

Hush by Kate White by Kate White - Thriller from Kate White the Cosmopolitian editor in chief

The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry - "An Asperger's-afflicted woman finds the keys to life and her family history in the kitchen after her parents die in McHenry's inspired if uneven debut."

Terry John Wood's Summer House - "Captures the feeling that summer evokes with memories that last beyond the seasons."   

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen - "Hiaasen has easy targets in misbehaving celebrity sightings, tabloid stalkings, and spin control experts, and he makes the most of them."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Home Decor Items for Your Dinner Party Themes

Following up on our previous blog post on Coastal Couture Dinner Party Theme we are presenting some fab items that speak to us of elegance and are within reach for the average person.  Take a look at aa few home decor items to decorate your table with sparkle and add a coastal design feel.
1. Coastal Couture: Summer Dinner Theme Party
        Glamour - Making It Modern: It's About Attitude

Photo credit Neiman Marcus

By Michael Wainwright Palio Dinnerware ranges from $90-$145. 
Photo Credit
Embrodiered linen coral napkins with fields of coral add that nautical element.

Photo Credit
Coral spoons WOW!

Photo Credit Horchow
Dahlia Place Mats by Horchow $64 for a set of 8...
Photo Credit Pottery Barn
Red Coral Vase Filler from Pottery Barn just $16.50.

2. Natural Beach: Dinner Theme Party
       Decor That Will Give You a Tan!
Photo Credit Velvet Brown

Wicker placemats by Velvet Brown
Photo Credit
Beach house dinnerware prices from $65 - $105
Photo Credit
Geometric Fret Napkins in a beautiful Celadon color for that subtle green and great pattern $45

Photo Credit
Cube mini plant aeriums for centerpiece decor

Photo Credit Oneida
Iris light blue highball glasses

3. Cute Cottage: Summer Dinner Party Theme
        Opulent & Classic
Photo Credit Martha Stewart

Italian white dinnerware

Photo Credit Horchow

"IKAT" Table Linens

Photo Credit Horchow

Bamboo Lattice napkins from Horchow-stunning $71.90-$142.90
Photo Credit West Elm

Striped Ball Napkin Ring - carved wood $3.00/each
Photo Credit Williams-Sonoma

Laguiole Flatware in Black straight from the French countryside

Photo Credit Horchow

"Celtic Knot" Place Mat...HOT!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer House Design - Entertain In Style!

No more of the those boring dinner parties for you this summer.  It's time to dress up those table tops and feel good about inviting your friends and family over for summer dinner parties.  It's the perfect time to host an intimate or fun and casual dinner party and there are 3 styles that will WOW your dinner guests.

1. Coastal Couture:
This theme will transport your body and mind to the Gulf breezes that blow off the most famous beaches in the United States.  You and your guests will feel the sun, sand and sea no matter the location of the dinner party.  You have tons of room for creativity.  Think seashells, sand and starfish that all allow the senses to pratically smell the pungent but arousing aroma of the saltwater.  Glass bowls filled with sand and shells along with pieces of found sea glass that naturally form from glass bottles being worn down by the currents.  The different arrays of dazzling colors will be a talk of the party and mixed in with votives floating in water in any color bowl of your choice will create that special intimate ambience. 

A play of deep coral in the napkins and place cards will complement your plates and glassware.  Another amazing touch would be to intermingle palm leaves amongst the table just to add that special touch.


2. Natural Beach
Give the whole party a natural, outdoors-y feel.  Choose whites as the main color scheme with light wood accent pieces.  Hang dainty lights from the trees if possible to bring an ethereal feeling.  Even on the hottest days - 98 degrees as I write this from Florida - the white colors will lower the temp and make it more comfy for your guests.  In Florida we do have the option of finding natural driftwood pieces that add a beautiful natural element as a centerpiece.  As far as colors go definitely incorporate natural linens, sea greens and ocean blues but very subtle throughout.  Matte ceramics and a few green potted plants for accents will top off the design.

Photo Credit

3 Casual Cottage

Photo credit
When creating the dinner party inspired by a casual cottage setting it should be cozy.  When doing my research I found some interesting ideas for the cottage themed dinner party like adding cauliflower heads on a reclaimed wood table to add texture and create an unexpected centerpiece.  Use lattice panels to add a layer to the design.  Planted urns can be used as well for a different look.  You can even make a rug out of moss and throw in mis-shaped stones.  When creating the cottage look outdoors use rugs and sofas and even chandeliers.