Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior Design That Adds Pop to Your Party

Photo Credit Ferm Li
You can add many items to add that interior design special pop to your summer party.  You can throw in a hint of color or a crazy shape and even a combination of the two that can provide a spectacular addition to your indoor or outdoor party. 

Slick Table Setting by designer Billy Cotton who is driven by a passion and love for design and of everything elegant.  Billy trained at Pratt Institute and formed Custom Resource in 2004.  And then more recently Billy Cotton joined forces with interior designer Michael Bargo to form MOSTE Furnishings.  Billy Cotton's latest creation is his enamel-dipped handles included in his dinnerware line. 

Photo Credit Billy Cotton
 Now let's all take a seat with Richard Schultz's brand new exciting modular design, the Fresh Air Collection.  The chairs are made from powder-coated sheet aluminum that is somewhat reminiscent  of the Windsor Chair but in weatherproof form.
Photo Credit Richard Schultz
Stakit by designers Peter & Thomas for Normann-Copenhagen comes in white and in Danish Stakit means "fence".  They designed it based on upon a picture of a Danish cottage garden with a picket fence.  But instead of the purpose of a fence which is to divide the Stakit is meant to bring everyone together.  Stakit is a new form of outdoor furniture that is meant to create the sense of wanting to be invited to an outdoor party in the park or a summer pool party.

Photo Credit Normann-Copenhagen
Tower of Rings brought to you by the awesome Danish company Ferm Living.  This decorative set comes with 6 different color choices and its own space saving storage tower.  They are chunky, plastic and fantastic.  It will add that extra special touch to your dinner table that will wow your guests.  These napkin rings are made of maple wood and look just as good when your not even using them.
Photo Credit Ferm Living