Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer House Design - Entertain In Style!

No more of the those boring dinner parties for you this summer.  It's time to dress up those table tops and feel good about inviting your friends and family over for summer dinner parties.  It's the perfect time to host an intimate or fun and casual dinner party and there are 3 styles that will WOW your dinner guests.

1. Coastal Couture:
This theme will transport your body and mind to the Gulf breezes that blow off the most famous beaches in the United States.  You and your guests will feel the sun, sand and sea no matter the location of the dinner party.  You have tons of room for creativity.  Think seashells, sand and starfish that all allow the senses to pratically smell the pungent but arousing aroma of the saltwater.  Glass bowls filled with sand and shells along with pieces of found sea glass that naturally form from glass bottles being worn down by the currents.  The different arrays of dazzling colors will be a talk of the party and mixed in with votives floating in water in any color bowl of your choice will create that special intimate ambience. 

A play of deep coral in the napkins and place cards will complement your plates and glassware.  Another amazing touch would be to intermingle palm leaves amongst the table just to add that special touch.


2. Natural Beach
Give the whole party a natural, outdoors-y feel.  Choose whites as the main color scheme with light wood accent pieces.  Hang dainty lights from the trees if possible to bring an ethereal feeling.  Even on the hottest days - 98 degrees as I write this from Florida - the white colors will lower the temp and make it more comfy for your guests.  In Florida we do have the option of finding natural driftwood pieces that add a beautiful natural element as a centerpiece.  As far as colors go definitely incorporate natural linens, sea greens and ocean blues but very subtle throughout.  Matte ceramics and a few green potted plants for accents will top off the design.

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3 Casual Cottage

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When creating the dinner party inspired by a casual cottage setting it should be cozy.  When doing my research I found some interesting ideas for the cottage themed dinner party like adding cauliflower heads on a reclaimed wood table to add texture and create an unexpected centerpiece.  Use lattice panels to add a layer to the design.  Planted urns can be used as well for a different look.  You can even make a rug out of moss and throw in mis-shaped stones.  When creating the cottage look outdoors use rugs and sofas and even chandeliers.